Junior cricket kit size guide

Junior cricket kit size guide for cricket bats, gloves, wicket keeping gloves, helmets and pads.

Cricket bats
Top cricket coaches, suppliers and manufacturers are of the same opinion, selecting the correct size bat is fundamental to developing the correct technique in young cricketers. It is imperative that the bat is not too heavy or too long, as this will impede correct stroke play and accurate technical performance. Junior cricket bats are specifically designed to meet these criteria.

Cricket bat size guide

Batting and wicket keeping pads
This is a problematic area because sizes can vary slightly between makes. The important measurement is the one between the centre of the knee cap to the instep around where the tongue of your shoe would fit.

Cricket pad size guide
pads guide

batting glovesBatting and wicket keeping gloves
Yet another difficult area, but we hope this guide will be of help. The significant measurement begins at the start of the wrist and goes in a direct line to the tip of you longest finger. However, this is only an approximation, but the guide should be of help.

Cricket gloves size guide

helmetCricket helmets
To get an accurate fit for your helmet, it is necessary to measure around the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows, continue around the sides keeping just above the ears, to the ‘bump' on the back of the head. An appropriately fitting helmet should feel secure but comfortable with no unnecessary movement in any direction. The helmet should always be fastened with the chin strap for added security.